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WEMJ Volume 113 No. 3 - September 2014

2 September 2014
A case report of an unusual swollen finger by Paul GoddardThree excellent articles on perinatal medicine by Peter Dunn

WEMJ Volume 113 No. 2 - June 2014

30 June 2014
A perfect storm approaches as our finite earth is taken to its limits through exponential growth of consumers and of consuming.By John GuillebaudEmeritus Professor of of Family Planning and Reproductive HealthUniversity College London.

WEMJ Volume 113 No. 1 - March 2014

1 March 2014
1) WEMJ Volume 113 No. 1 Article 1Case Report: Lois Tutton BDSWEMJ Volume 113 No. 1 Article 2 Gregor Mendel, O.S.A. (1822–1884): Founder of scientific genetics: Professor Peter Dunn 3) WEMJ Volume 113 No. 1 Article 3 PEARLS AND PITFALLS IN HEAD AND NECK AND NEUROIMAGING Authors: Aygun, Shah and GandhiReviewed by Dr Sue Armstrong

WEMJ Volume 112 No. 4 - December 2013

31 December 2013
1. WEMJ Volume 112 No 4 Article Number 1 December 2013\nSir Denis Browne (1892-1967), the father of paediatric surgery in Britain Author: Peter Dunn\n2) WEMJ Volume 112 No 4 Article 2 December 2013 Congenital dislocation of the hip:Why is the left hip affected more than the right?: Peter M. Dunn\n3) WEMJ Volume 112 No 4 Article 3 December 2013 End of year view and Specialisation : Alick Dowling\n4) WEMJ Volume 112 No 4 Article Number 4 December 2013 The Medical Implications of..

WEMJ Volume 112 No. 3 - September 2013

21 September 2013
1. Tuberculosis in India Case Studies\n2. Dr William Cadogan of Bristol\n3. Guidelines for the Management of Bronchiectasis

WEMJ Volume 112 No. 2 - June 2013

1 June 2013
1. Experiencing the NHS system. A three month visit by Chinese clinical observers\n2. Imaging of Vertebral Trauma by Richard H. Daffner\n3. The King’s Evil

WEMJ Volume 112 No. 1 - March 2013

1 March 2013
1) Dr. Nabil Jarad Personalised Respiratory Medicine in Bristol-The Hospital and the Community;\n2) Dr. Jeshil Shah Calvarial tuberculosis features in 3 cases (continued);\n3) Book Review of Beyond the Silence by Andrew Chapman Reviewed by Paul Main;\n4) Book Review of The Confessions of Saul By Paul R Goddard Reviewed by JJ Mann;\n5) Book Review of Pattern Recognition Neuroradiology by Neil M. Borden, Scott E. Forseen.Reviewed by Rebecca Hunt

WEMJ Volume 111 No. 4 - December 2012

1 December 2012
1) Is he ill because of his pill? : A Case report of Nitrofurantoin-induced lung injury;2) Book Review: The Rise and Fall of Modern Medicine by James Le Fanu;3) Medical Fraud - Causes and Consequences: Some personal reflections

WEMJ Volume 111 No. 3 - September 2012

1 September 2012
1) Is there any defence of high tech medicine or is it simply a waste of money, time and energy? This article examines the evidence in favour of advanced technology in medicine.;2) Living with Von Willebrand's Disease;3) and 4) From the Archives- Haemophilia in the Nineteenth Century;5) Science Watch - Junk DNA controls the genome

WEMJ Volume 111 No. 2 - June 2012

1 June 2012
1) Reducing Exacerbations of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD): A review of current pharmacological strategies;2) Abstract from Book Review: The Obesity Epidemic by Zoë Harcombe;3) Role of repeat digital subtraction angiography in non traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage: Early detection of recanalisation of the spontaneously thrombosed aneurysm;4) Editorial: Discrepancy and Error in Radiology;5) From the Archives of the Journal 1885;

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