WEMJ Volume 113 No. 1 - March 2014

In this journal we continue with our exploration of the past with another excellent article from Professor Peter Dunn. In addition there is a case report from our own Book Review editor and a book review from Dr. Sue Armstrong.

1. WEMJ Volume 113 No. 1 Article 1

Case Report: Lois Tutton BDS

This patient presented with a history of extreme tiredness and this appearance of the thigh:

Figure 1

For an explanation of the appearance and treatment of the condition download the PDF.

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2) WEMJ Volume 113 No. 1 Article 2

Gregor Mendel, O.S.A. (1822–1884): Founder of scientific genetics: Professor Peter Dunn

Mendel’s discoveries revolutionized science and gave a great boost to the new discipline of molecular biology. It led to the Human Genome Project, to genetic screening, to genetic engineering and to genetic finger-printing.

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3) WEMJ Volume 113 No. 1 Article 3


Authors: Aygun, Shah and Gandhi

ISBN: 9781107026643

£80 ($130)

Reviewed by Dr Sue Armstrong

This clearly presented publication picks out both common and unusual imaging findings in H&N/Neuro imaging, gives a succinct summary of each condition and illustrates the radiological appearances with large, high quality, well-annotated images which are easy to view. ,

Interspersed are mimics, with pearls to help in differential diagnosis, and common non-pathological pitfalls to be aware of.

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