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1. Is there any defence of high tech medicine or is it simply a waste of money, time and energy?

WEMJ Vol 111 No 3 Article 1

This article examines the evidence in favour of advanced technology in medicine.

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2. Living with Von Willebrand's Disease

WEMJ Vol 111 No 3 Article 2

Reverend Rod Symmons

"I was the first in our family to be diagnosed in the late 1950’s when, as a 3 year old, I bled for several days from a cut to the lip and the casualty department of our local hospital in Slough referred me to the Hammersmith Hospital for tests. What seemed like numerous trips up to London were followed by further tests that confirmed that I had Von Willebrand’s" 

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3. and 4. From the Archives- Haemophilia in the Nineteenth Century

WEMJ Vol 111 No 3 Articles 3 and 4 

An article from the Bristol Medico Chirurgical Journal of 1884 describing two cases of Haemophilia and a follow up article of 1897 detailing later sequelae in one of the same cases and showing very early x-rays of the condition.

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5. Science Watch

WEMJ Vol 111 No 3 Article 5

Junk DNA controls the genome

Alzheimer's Disease is Type 3 Diabetes.

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