WEMJ Volume 112 No. 3 - September 2013

  1. WEMJ Volume 112 no 3 Article 1 September 2013 Tuberculosis: Case Studied from Southern India
    Merryn Rhodes

    This report aims to increase the general knowledge of TB above the baseline taught in standard medical school courses. Four case studies illustrate the nature and treatment of TB. The histories discussed here cover the typical presentation, medical complications, drug-resistance and HIV co-infection. With 2.5 million new cases in 2011, India has the highest incidence of TB in the world, making it an ideal location for the study of the disease and the acquisition of a wide-range of cases.

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  2. WEMJ Vol 112, no 3 Article 2 William Cadogan of Bristol (1711-1797) Father of Infant Care in Bristol
    By Peter Dunn

    A report on the life of Dr. Cadogan based on a lecture given to the British Society for the History of Paediatrics and Child Health Manchester Meeting September 6th-7th, 2013

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  3. WEMJ Volume 112 no 3 Article 3 September 2013
    Guidelines for the Management of Bronchiectasis in Primary Care
    William Gatfield and Dr. Nabil Jarad, Bristol Royal Infirmary

    A report detailing diagnosis and treatment of bronchiectasis including when it should be suspected as a diagnosis, the investigations to confirm the condition, maintenance therapy and the management of exacerbations.

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