The Bristol Medico Historical Society

The lectures presented at the society meetings are now being published in the West of England Medical Journal.

OUR Proceedings for 2016 - 2020 have just been published. 

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The Bristol medico-historical society has, reluctantly decided to wind down, due to dwindling membership.

However there will be a series of Saturday meetings as we draw to an end.

next meeting
Saturday 11 March 2023   10am - 4pm
Create Centre

B Bond Warehouse, Smeaton Road


10am building opens
10.30 Tea and Coffees and a nibble
11.00  Leslie Shutt: Humphry Davy:  from Cornwall to Clifton.  The promotion of a genius
12.00 Jenny Hutton: Infant Blindness, a social history of retrolental fibroplasia
12.20 Roger Rolls: the 3D online tour of the Bath Mineral Hospital


12.45 Lunch -  a two course hot meal  - buffet – with non-alcoholic drinks
13.45 Micheal Whitfield: . Bleeding, blistering and electrical treatments in 18th and 19th century Bristol
2.15 Lois Tutton: a history of Locums/ Medical Employment agencies 
2.45 Comfort break
2.55 Dinah Moore:  Edward Long Fox the elder
3.30 Hugh Roberts: History of Medical Services in Weston Super Mare.
4.00 end

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a £10 fee will be charged but will cover food and drinks



Last meetings

Saturday 1 October 2022

11.30  Reception

12.00   Lunch

12.55   Introduction to afternoon

1.00pm Prof Paul Goddard – the other Elizabeth Blackwell

1.30:    Dr Stephen Mawdsley (Univ Bristol) ‘Teens Against Polio in 1950/60s America’

2.40     Dr Stefan Cembrowicz – Bristol Riots then and now – an eye witness speaks

3.10     Dr Peter Carpenter: Dr Samuel Hitch, founder of the Royal College Psychiatrists

3.40     Dr Michael Whitfield: Using records for medical history research  

4.00     Concluding remarks Dr Michael Davidson, President.


Monday 10 May 2021 - Webinar 

Dr Michael Till: Dr Walter Hadwen - Antivaccinationist
Dr Monika Blackwell: The Polish NHS 1920's - 1930's - A GPs Perspective

[please note Dr Till's book is available via Amazon; Dr Blackwells book can be pre-ordered via Clinical Press]



Monday 8th March 2021

Dr Stefan Cembrowicz:  Charlatan- or what do Goat glands, short wave radio, soap operas and Hitler have in common?

Dr Peter Carpenter: Dr Charles Langworthy of Bath and his curing Metallic Tractors.


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Past Talks since 2003

13 May 2019
A list of the talks given since December 2003

Welcome to the

Bristol Medico Historical Society.

This organisation, set up in 1986 by Prof John Clamp and Mr Michael Wilson, is dedicated to the research and discussion of all aspects of medical history. The society has a particular interest with history related to Bristol and the West of England.

It is holding its meetings at the Create Centre

Hon Secretary: Dr Peter Carpenter

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