Past Talks since 2003

This is a list of the talks given since December 2003 to show the range of subjects covered - most are published or to be published in the proceedings of the West of England Medical Journal and then formally printed as proceedings to cover each President's 4 year term of office. 


Dec 2003

Dr. Naish - The Lunar Men

Dr. Rogers - Colney Hatch and it’s residents

Mar 2004

Professor Edwin Gale – The Discovery of Type I Diabetes

Dr Burns-Cox – Vignette of Smallpox Eradication Campaign

Jun 2004

Dr Beryl Corner - the bombing of the Bristol Children Hospital and its aftermath – ‘Phoenix arises from the ashes.’

Dr Bird’s talk was postponed due to the lateness of the meeting

Sept 2004

Dr John Harcup – The Life and Times of Charles Hastings

Dr Robert Reeves - Thomas Sydenham, Roundhead and Physician.

Dec 2004

Dr Jonathan Bird – The remarkable History of Hysteria.

Dr Stefan Cembrowicz – Memories of Psychiatry on Tobago (with artefacts!)

Mar 2005

Dr John Powell – Bugs and Ham Green

Mr Vincent Marmion: William Adams the founder of the West of England Eye Hospital.

Jun 2005

Mr John Crossley: St Anthony’s Fire – postpartum haemorrhage

Dr Tony Dickens: The battle of R.M.S. Carmania

Sept 2005

Mr McCoy - the Battle of Trafalgar

Dr Carpenter - the Magdalen Hospital in Bath

Dec 2005

Mr Martin Crosfill – A view from the Inside  - an illustrated talk

Mr Walford Gillison – a Christmas Quiz

Mar 2006

Dr M Moore - Running a Flying Doctor Service in Lesotho

Dr Bruce Moore - Biomagnetic medicine – a short history

June 2006

Prof Peter Dunn –On being a Medical Officer to the Ghurkhas in Malaya 1955 – 1957

Dr Bruno Bubna-Kasteliz – The Viennese Medical Scene in the 18th & 19th Century

Sept 2006

Mr Walford Gillison: Pioneer Surgeons of the Oesophagus

Dr P Carpenter – George Wallett: mad doctor, rogue and religious martyr

Dec 2006

Prof Terry Feest  A history of Dialysis in England

Mar 2007

Dr John Powell: Anaesthesia, Cholera and the Medical Reading Society – celebrating the 200 year anniversary of the society.

Jun 2007

Dr Crossley: The Bristol Medical Reading Society – recollections and past members

Dr D Rogers: Hans Steck – a neglected neuropsychiatrist

Sept 2007

Dr Brandon Lush: Professor Sir John McNee

Dr Jonathan Bird: Nostalgia – a lost medical diagnosis.

Dec 2007

Amy Hawkins (Med Student): Female Madness as a Means of Social Control in the Nineteenth Century;

Sion Williams  (Med Student): To what extent can the bacteriological revolution of the nineteenth century be considered revolutionary in a Kuhnian sense?

Mar 2008

Dr Martin Gorsky: A ‘top down centralised system’? NHS hospitals in the Bristol Region in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Prof Paul Goddard: The Justinian Plague

Jun 2008

Prof P. Dunn: The Thalidomide disaster 1961 – a personal recollection.

Dr P. Carpenter: The Female operated idiot homes of Bath.

Sept 2008

Prof G Stirrat: Thomas Percival, the father of medical ethics.

Mr E. W. Gillison:  Experiences as a Japanese POW.

Dec 2008

Dr Bruno Bubna-Kasteliz: Karl Rokitansky – man of microscopic and macroscopic vision.

Mr John Kirkup: Maud Forrester-Brown (1895-1970), the U.K.’s first female orthopaedic surgeon.

Mar 2009

Dr P Carpenter – A History of Autism

June 2009

Prof Alan Winfield: Grey Walter of the Burden Institute and his “tortoises”

Sept 2009

Prof Goddard: Scrofula and the Kings Touch.

Dr John Ward: The Medical Problems of Dr Samuel Johnson

Dec 2009

Dr Freddie Morgan: My life story (second part)

Mr John Crossley:– Nativity - the art of childbearing.

Mar 2010

Dr Michael Bresalier – the Intercalated Medical Humanities course.

Stella Dilke  (Med Student): Nutrition and the Death Camps: the British Role in the liberation of Bergen-Belsen.

Sally Stuart  (Med Student): Suspicious Minds: Reassessing the Nineteenth Century Anti-Vaccination Movement

June 2010

Dr S. Snoxall: Gynaecological care at Chelsea Hospital for Women from 1930’s to 1960’s.

Dr M. Whitfield: Goodeve and Cook’s Folly.

Sept 2010

Mr Vincent Marmion: The Eye Hospital in the Interwar Years.

 Mr Walford Gillison: Rudolf Nissen: A career triumph against racism"

Dec 2010

Prof  Peter Dunn: The impact of Rickets on Childbirth in the UK

Prof Michael Wadsworth: The influential intellectual legacy of Dr JWB Douglas - originator and developer of the large birth cohort study

Mar 2011

Ms Hannah Rivers  (Med Student) - Keats and Vitality: a reading of the Odes

Mr Martin Crosfill:  Medicine and Shakespeare

June 2011 - 25th anniversary meeting In remembrance of past members:

Prof Peter Dunn: Beryl Corner

Mr Roger Celestin: Michael Wilson

Mr Walford Gillison: John Naish

Mr Vincent Marmion: Ian Bailey

Sept 2011

Ms Lois Tutton “My father’s war: Surgery during the North African Campaign

Prof Paul Goddard: “25 years of Dr Jazz and the outcome of the scanner appeals.

Wednesday 14 December 2011 - joint with Med Chi

Prof Gareth Williams: ‘the Angel of Death’ - Small pox.

Mar 2012

Felix Gooding  (Med Student): From Surgeon to Medical Officer: how did the role of the Antarctic expedition doctor change in the 20th century?

George Gosling: Paying for Health in Bristol's Hospitals before the NHS.

Jun 2012

Prof. Peter Dunn: 'The Demise of National Dried Milk, 1975-77'.

Dr Mike Whitfield: 'A mint master and a maverick - two nineteenth century Clifton doctors from Ireland'

Sept 2012

Mr Vincent Marmion :' The medical aspects of the 1904 Mission to Tibet - the Younghusband expedition.’

Prof Gordon Stirrat: Medical Fraud – Causes and Consequences

Dec 2012

Mike Ruscoe: Syphilis and Shakespeare.

Charles Lewin: Edward Lear and his Health

March 2013

Ms Katie Hall  (Med Student): Shell Shock, Septimus Smith and Mrs Dalloway.

John Harcup: Florence Nightingale and the Malvern Waters

June 2013

Dr Brandon Lush: The MRC - a cautionary tale

Prof Paul Goddard - the first Junior Doctor Strike.

Sept 2013

Dr Martin Crosfill: Francis Galton - a passion for measurement

Dr Peter Carpenter (in lieu of Ms Katherine Conlon): a history of ECT.

Dec 2013

Roger Rolls:"Physic with a fizz - the medical history of soft drinks"

Mike Whitfield: 'The first Baptist Missionary to India - Dr Thomas from Gloucestershire

Mar 2014

Tom Nutting: (Med Student): Fin-de-siècle male hysteria

Jonathan Bird: "The kindest cut of all: A history of psycho-surgery at the Burden Institute"

Jun 2014

Prof Dunn: Fetal Compression and the recognition of fetal deformation 1960 - 81

Prof Francis Duck - Edith and Florence Stoney: X-ray Pioneers.

Sept 2014

Dr Musgrave: a snapshot of skeletal and oral health in Minoan Crete.

Mr Gilison: “The risks of operations on royalty and near-royalty”

Dec 2014

Dr Burns Cox - Life of a colonial Medical Officer in North Borneo 1963-5.

Dr Stevens - Chlorosis - life and death of an illness

Mar 2015

Ellie Granger  (Med Student): Schizophrenia and philosophy

Greg Oxenham  (Med Student):- 'Tuberculosis and the Operatic Heroine'.

Jun 2015 - Conflict at the Children's hospital

Mike Whitfield - Dr Eubulus Williams

Judith Franklin - Eliza Dunbar

Sept 2015

Dr Bubna-Kasteliz: a Short history of Old Age Pensions

Dr P Carpenter: Inebriacy in Bristol

Dec 2015 Held at Create Centre

Prof Dunn: Childbed fever - its rise and fall. 

Dr Y Wiley - stories from Broadmoor tribunals. 

Wed 9 April 2016   Joint meeting with Bristol Medico-Chirgurical society 

Prof Thomas Baskett: the Pill and the Pope

20 June 2016      

Prof Peter Malpass: Unhealthy Bristol - just how basd were conditions in the 1840's?

19 September 2016                            

Dr Nabil Jarad: A history of the management of Emphysema

Dr Peter Carpenter: Two madhouses of St Georges

12 December 2016

Prof Brian Vincent - Two medical chemists of Bristol - Beddoes and Herepath.

24 April 2017

Prof T F Baskett: A History of Caesarian Section.

Monday 16th October 2017 [AGM]

Janet Sellick - Agatha Christie’s use of poison in her novels. 

Monday 11th December 2017

Prof Peter Dunn: Sir Francis Bacon [1561-1626], philosopher, polymath, poet and playwright.

Monday 19th March 2018

Jonathan Musgrave: An introduction to Leonardo Da Vinci’s anatomical drawings

Dr M Whitfield – Dr Richard Smith 

30 April 2018

Prof Baskett: Frank Pantridge and the Evolution of Pre-hospital Emergency Care

Roger Rolls – the Bath Medical History Museum. 

15 October 2018 [AGM] 

Dr P Mains – the Hotwells Spa

Judith Franklin – the later life of Elizabeth Dunbar. 

10 December 2018

Ms Lois Tutton – All I want to Christmas is my two front teeth.           

Paul Goddard  History of MRI 

Monday 11 March 2019

Prof. Peter Dunn – Swaddling: then and now

Prof. Gordon Stirrat: The Poppy: panacea and plague

Monday 3 June 2019

Dr Bruno Bubna-Kasteliz:  Scottish doctors at the Russian Imperial Court

Dr Mike Davidson – Scottish doctors and the slave trade

Monday 14 October 2019 AGM

Mr Walford Vesalius; the angry father of human anatomy

Prof. Francis Duck: Bath War Hospital (1916-1919) 

Monday 9 December 2019

Dr Trevor Thomas  – El Greco through Medical Eyes [single talk]

Monday 9 March 2020

Prof Peter Dunn: John Dunn and the Zulu War of 1879

Dr Chris Ackroyd: The History of the Victoria Cross:- Harold Ackroyd and other VC heroes

Monday 18 May 2020  - meeting canceled due to COVID19

Guest presenter: Mary Wright: Elizabeth Blackwell




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