WEMJ Volume 111 No. 4 - December 2012

1. Is he ill because of his pill? : A Case report of Nitrofurantoin-induced lung injury

S. Ali and M.Baj

West of England Medical Journal Volume 111, Number 4, Article 1,  2012

Nitrofurantoin has been used for many years in the treatment and prevention of urinary tract infection. In certain individuals it can cause serious side effects such as aplastic anaemia, polyneuritis, liver and pulmonary toxicity.   

It is one the commonest cause of drug induced lung injury .  This could be potentially serious and may cause significant mortality and morbidity. A case of Nitrofurantoin-induced pulmonary disease showing Chest X-ray and CT changes is reported.

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2. Book Review: The Rise and Fall of Modern Medicine by James Le Fanu 

West of England Medical Journal Volume 111, Number 4, Article 2 Dec. 2012

Hachette Digital ISBN: 978-0-748-13143-3 2nd Edition 2011  £14.99 Reviewed by Alick Dowling

It is a tribute to Le Fanu’s scholarship that ten years later the new edition needed few alterations; the central planks of his argument are still in place.

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3. Medical Fraud - Causes and Consequences: Some personal reflections

West of England Medical Journal Volume 111, Number 4, Article 3 Dec. 2012  

Presented to the Bristol Medico-Historical Society, September 2012 
Gordon M. Stirrat, Emeritus Professor (Obstetrics & Gynaecology) and Research Fellow in Ethics in Medicine.University of Bristol.  

A review of the serious problem of scientific misconduct in medical research and practice. Medical fraud, fabrication, falsification, plagiarism and suppression of results is discussed with examples

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4. Handbook of Breast MRI - Jeremy Price

Reviewed by 
Dr Shalini Wijesuriya, MB BS Bsc(Hons), FRCR:  Specialist Radiology Registrar  

MRI is playing an increasing role in the management of breast disease and compliments more established modalities like ultrasound and mammography. However, its technique and interpretation is far more complex. The handbook of breast MRI helps unravel these complexities in a well-written series of small chapters.

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