WEMJ Volume 114 No. 4 - December 2015


Five articles for Xmas and the New Year. Three good articles from our regular contributor, Peter Dunn, an interesting historical piece from Paul Main and a substantial student contribution from Thisarana Wijayaratne.

WEMJ Vol 114 No. 4 December 2015 Article 1

The Nomenclature and Classification of Disease in the Perinatal Period. Peter M. Dunn

Nomenclature, definitions and classification of perinatal disease had long been interests of mine and in 1971 I was asked by the World Health Organisation, Geneva (Fig 1), to assist in the preparation of the 9th revisio of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) in respect to the chapters on pregnancy and the purerperium, congenital anomalies and the perinatal period, including perinatal definitions and a perinatal death certificate.

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WEMJ Vol 114 No. 4 December 2015 Article 2

Congenital postural deformity of the nose:a case report. Peter M. Dunn

Congenital postural deformity due to moulding pressure in-utero may affect any part of the body. Deformity of the nose of a severityto require treatment for respiratory obstruction as well as for cosmetic reasons is rare.

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WEMJ Vol 114 No. 4 December 2015 Article 3

The Infant of the Diabetic Mother: memories from 1960 – 1982. Peter M. Dunn

The classic story of the infant of a diabetic mother was of a typically large-for-dates, obese, plethoric infant (Figure 1) who died suddenly during late fetal life or during labour.

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WEMJ Vol 114 No. 4 December 2015 Article 4

Who was Dr Arthur Harold Gale and why is a memorial lecture named after him? Dr. Paul Main

Dr Arthur Harold Gale was the first Director of Postgraduate Medical Studies and a lecturer in Epidemiology at the University of Bristol. He was a good friend to the South Western Faculty of the Royal College of General Practitioners who decided to preserve his memory with the annual Gale Memorial Lecture, when he died prematurely on 12th October 1956, aged 55, leaving his wife and two children.

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WEMJ Vol 114 No. 4 December 2015 Article 5

An analysis of tuberculosis presentation and management in the capital city of Colombo, Sri Lanka. Thisarana Wijayaratne, Nabil Jarad (supervisor)

The main aim of this eSSC was to study the varied clinical presentations, methods of diagnosis and management of tuberculosis in Sri Lanka

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