Creative Arts in Health and Medicine

Creative Arts in Health and Medicine

Summer Party/Exhibition July 2011

With the fiddler fiddling and the guitarist strumming as an exciting background to our Summer Exhibition we wolfed down a choice of Moroccan lamb, salmon and other splendid provisions.  This was, indeed, a party to remember.

 Hannah's excellent food!

The Archer Pearce Duo with Mark from Dr Jazz

The preparation had taken many months since it was to be a celebration of Creative Arts in Health and Medicine and the remit was broad.

We were very lucky in the level of assistance we received. UWE agreed to host the event and provided a number of rooms, which fitted the event perfectly.  They also invited exhibitors: Arts and Health South West and the Happiness Project .

The art and technology on display was an eclectic choice, ranging from the dusty plains of Africa to peas from the local allotment and from birthing exercises to a stainless steel skull.  Adding to the delight of the audience was the presence of many of the artists including Julian Warren, Gary James, Alex James, Margot Cooper and your president.

Diana presided at  Reception and the jollity was kicked off by Dr Jazz, the medical fundraising band.  

Diana at reception

With Hugh on saxophone, John on drums, Moses on harmonica and both Damian and Mark on guitar, the sound was already spectacular but they were then joined by Graham on trumpet and Paul on keyboards. This completed the jazz combo.

Professor Norma Daykin then succinctly introduced the subject of the value of Creative Arts in Health, which has a growing academic pedigree.

After the talk we ate Hannah’s excellent food, accompanied by the Archer Pearce Duo as mentioned above.


And then the proceedings were interrupted by your president auctioning his own feeble attempts at comedic art. This was saved by the exceedingly generous Julian Warren who purchased Paramedics for £125. 

Julian had also donated one of his own sculptures, Dragonfly, which raised £350 for charity thanks to the generosity of dental surgeon, Pete Bishop.

Julian Warren ( with some of his amazing stainless steel sculptures

Peas, by Geoff Rose, was sold to Steven Neill  and Keyhole Surgeons   to Margot Cooper of Limbs and Things.

Then we were off to see the Glenside Museum, set in the chapel and containing a fascinating range of historical medical artefacts.


Dr Jazz played on gamely in the absence of their leader, entertaining those who had stayed behind to look at the art and the exhibits.

Thanks are due to all those who took part and we look forward to seeing you at future meetings.

Paul Goddard and Harvey Harward

Photographs: Lois Goddard