Our President's Badge

The President's Badge


The badge is hallmarked Silver, Birmingham and date 1930. 

From the Medico-Chirurgical Journal of April 1931: 

A President's badge has been given to the Medico-Chirurgical Society by Dr Kenneth Wills, who occupied the chair in 1929-30. 

The badge consists of a silver-gilt plaque bearing three shields with the coats of arms of the City of Bristol, the Bristol University, with their respective mottoes, and a representation of the University Tower, all in coloured enamel.

Underlying and supporting the shields are two staffs of Aesculapius, with twinned serpents. 

A circular border bears the name of the Society, while the date of its founding, 1874, is prominent at the base of the shields.

At the top is a ring supported by a motif of the Bristol crest, a helm and cross arms, bent, with a serpent and scales.

Round the rim of the hole is a relief design of dolphins and laurel leaves.