WEMJ Volume 115 No. 2 - June 2016


One medical student article, one historical article, two case reports and three book reviews.

WEMJ Volume 115 No.2 June 2016 Article 1

A reflection on undertaking a qualitative follow-up study of professional performers following vocal-fold injury, and an experiential placement at NYU Langone Voice Center.  Antonia Northam Medical Student, University of Bristol 

For the the professional performer careers can be at stake when an injury is sustained, we should perhaps forgive them for being ‘the most demanding consumers of voice care’.This project aimed to further explore the impact that a vocal injury has upon a performer.

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WEMJ Volume 115 No.2 June 2016 Article 2

Why the ‘Michael Lennard’ Reception?  Paul Main.

Who was Michael Lennard and why has the RCGP Severn Faculty named a reception event for new MRCGPs after him?

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WEMJ Volume 115 No.2 June 2016 Article 3,4 and 5

Book reviews

Clinical Topics in disorders of intellectual development. (ed. Marc Woodbury-Smith) Reviewed by Peter Carpenter

Molly and Ed go on Holiday (Words and Pictures by Richard Mountford). Reviewed by Paul R Goddard

Witch Way Home? (by Paul R Goddard) Reviewed by Mrs. Ila Gandhi BSc (Hons.), GPhC, PGDiploma in Clinical Pharmacy

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WEMJ Volume 115 No.2 June 2016 Article 6

Bilateral congenital radial neuropraxia: a case history. Peter M. Dunn.

Congenital neuropraxia of the radial nerve with wrist drop is rare. The author can recollect seeing three cases among an estimated 100,000 newborn infants. The case history of an infant with bilateral radial neuropraxia is detailed.

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WEMJ Volume 115 No.2 June 2016 Article 7

7.Congenital Retrognathia and the Pierre Robin Sequence. Peter M. Dunn.

Congenital retrognathia, giving the newborn infant the appearance of having no chin, is caused by sustained prenatal acute flexion of the head onto the anterior upper chest. This leads to retarded forward growth of the fetal mandibles.

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