WEMJ Volume 113 No. 4 - December 2014


Welcome to the Christmas Edition of the WEMJ. First on our platter is a case report of a truly massive cold abscess in the abdomen. Then for our main course a very rare dish of multiple cysts, followed by a sweet book review. Then for a visit from the ghost of Christmas Past: The impact of Rickets on Chidbirth with a morality tale for today and the future, perhaps? 

Paul Goddard, Hon. Editor

1) WEMJ Volume 113 no. 4 Article Number 1 December 2014

Massive Retro-Peritoneal Cold Abscess originating from Terminal Ileum: A Case Report

Mohammed Eldin, Mahesh Baj

We report a massive retroperitoneal cold abscess in a 55 years old Suda- nese male arising from terminal ileum. The patient was managed successfully through retroperitoneal approach and drained the thick white cheesy material. Subsequently, the patient was successfully treated with anti-tubercular chemotherapy. Tuberculosis is a common disease in patients of African and Asian origin and in the underdeveloped countries. Its incidence is rising in the Western world and developed countries also due to greater movement of people and increased incidence of AIDS.

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2) WEMJ Volume 113 no. 4 Article Number 2 December 2014

Multiple Thornwaldt Cysts: A rare case. Dr. Mahesh Baj, Dr Niall Gough, Dr Sanjay Gandhi 

We present a case of Multiple Thornwaldt Cysts. After extensive search, we could not find any published record of multiple cysts. Previously published cases show a single cyst at the roof of the naso- pharynx. Tornwaldt’s bursae or nasopharyngeal bursae originate at the interface between the embryonic tissue from which the vertebrae develop (the noto- chord), and the developing foregut. If the opening through which the bursa drains into the nasopharynx becomes obstructed, a Tornwaldt’s cyst will develop.

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3) WEMJ Volume 113 no. 4 Article Number 3 December 2014

Book Review: Pearls and Pitfalls in Musculoskeletal Imaging: Variants and Other Difficult Diagnoses

Edited by D Lee Bennett and Georges Y El-Khoury, Cambridge University Press

Reviewed by Dr Julian Chakraverty, Fellow in Musculoskeletal Radiology, Southmead Hospitals

REVIEW This clearly presented book is brought to you by well-regarded authors from the University of Iowa. Ninety-four cases are covered in this concise reader friendly book of 254 pages. Each case is approached as ‘Image description’, ‘Importance’, ‘Typical clinical scenario’ and ‘Differential Diagnosis’. Finally, there is a ‘Teaching Point’ which highlights the important points of each case presented.

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4) WEMJ Volume 113 no. 4  Article 4 December 2014 Bristol Medico-Historical Society Proceedings


Infantile rickets is a metabolic disorder of late infancy, primarily affecting growing bones in which there is impaired deposition of minerals in the bony matrix. As a result, growth is retarded, the joints become swollen and the bones soft and plastic: they then tend to fracture or bend.  Three hundred years of rickets led to a profound fear of childbirth which has persisted long after the end of the epidemic through the use of vitamin D

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