Dame Carol Black

12 November 2014
Long Fox Memorial Lecture 2014

Summer Party 2014

11 June 2014
“Bottle of red, bottle of white”Summer Party Wine Tasting

Mr Justin Morgan

14 May 2014
\"Not just another brick in the wall\". Educating medical students - past present and future

Dr Mary Gainsborough

9 April 2014
“Still shaking in the tear room like a sick child” Tales of the unexpected from community paediatrics

Dr John Guillebaud

12 March 2014
Sex and the Planet. Is sex the most dangerous human activity - for humans themselves, and ultimately all life on earth?

Dr Pippa Stables

12 February 2014
\"An eagle when she Flies\" How do women excel in medicine and find the balance?

Professor Paul Goddard

8 January 2014
\"Mars ain't the kind of place to raise your kids\" What are the medical implications of the new, privatised space race?

Dr Gill Jenkins

11 December 2013
“A battered old suitcase and a hotel someplace, and a wound that will never heal “- Tales of International Medical Repatriation

Dr Jerry Nolan

13 November 2013
Staying alive with CPR - Vinnie Jones says \"push hard and fast\". Is he right?\"

Dr Matt Hoghton, Presidential Address and AGM

9 October 2013
“Private investigations... When I find the reasons, I still can not get used to it.” Turning the spotlight on the deaths of people with learning disabilities in our communities and hospitals